Advance Photo Course

12 Modules

12 Weeks.

Every Wednesday Evening Practical class.

A PDF / Word file will be given to the students on the practical class. He /She has to study the material and has to answer within that week.

Course fee INR 30,000/ inclusive of  3 Wildlife / Outdoor practical trips with or without overnight stay. The fee can be split into two to ease the payment, 50% while enrolment and balance on the fifth Class.


1. DSLR & Formats.

Difference between crop sensor and full size sensors and Pro’s and Con’s of it. / Info and how to on Jpeg / Raw / SFP / Buffer Limit and Medium format.

2. Subjects & Necessary Equipments.

Portrait / Fashion / Modelling / Glamour / Industrial / Wedding / Candid,  etc.,

3.Aperture & Form Factor.

Details and difference about F.No / Aperture / Iris and form factor of 1.4

4. Shutter & Movement.

From bulb setting to high speed shutter. Where and when and how to use it.

5. Lens types  & Effects.

Ultra Wide Angle to Super Telephoto lenses with prime and zoom. What it does to perspective in the seen

6. Studio / Indoor Photography.

Ordinary flash to power blocks in lighting. Trolleys / tracks / cove or seamless background / other studio equipments for a fully controlled shoot.

7. Outdoor Nature Photography.

Cameras, tripods, Wading  dress, Flash lights, etc.,

8. Zone-system & Latitude.

Difference between human eye and camera.  How much latitude can a digital camera capture and how to do HDR photography

9. Maintenance & Cleaning.

The importance of maintenance 7 cleaning the equipment to get the best of it

10. Post Production.

An important fact for the completion of the shots. Adjusting and correction of jpeg and Raw files.

11. Presentation.

How to present the shots to appeal lot of people in general

12. Conclusion.

A last note.




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